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LA mayor's race: Former candidate Kevin James says he's close to making an endorsement

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Los Angeles Mayor race 2013Kevin James spent months criticizing the politicians working inside City Hall, but now that he’s not in the mayoral runoff, is he ready to endorse Wendy Greuel or Eric Garcetti for the job?


In an interview with KPCC, James said he is getting close to making a decision. He sent an e-mail to supporters Thursday evening asking for their input on the endorsement.

“I recognize that some of my supporters would prefer that I not endorse either candidate, while other supporters would like to know my position on which of these two remaining candidates would be best to lead the city for the next four years,” James wrote.

“I encourage, and would appreciate, your input and your concerns.”

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James finished third in the March 5 primary, with 16 percent of the vote. Thought the race is non-partisan, James is a Republican who regularly touted the city's need to exercise fiscal conservatism.

An exit poll from Loyola Marymount University found James received support from half of all Republicans who voted and 30 percent of decline-to-state voters. His endorsement could help Garcetti and Greuel pick up conservative voters, particularly in the San Fernando Valley.

A recent Daily News editorial urged James to pick a candidate in the May 21 runoff:

“James might consider choosing Greuel or Garcetti to be choosing the lesser of two evils. Well, so do a lot of Angelenos, especially conservatives and moderates in the San Fernando Valley, where James received most of his votes."

Two other former candidates, Jan Perry and Emanuel Pleitez, have endorsed Garcetti’s campaign.

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