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Anti-incumbent Super PAC targeting Congressman Adam Schiff

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In case you haven't noticed: the 2014 Congressional campaign season is in full swing.

The Campaign for Primary Accountability is a political action committee that targets members of Congress it believes are too entrenched.

The PAC isn't partisan — it goes after members of Congress from both parties. And next year its list includes Burbank/West Hollywood Democrat Adam Schiff.

Schiff's been around a few years, first elected in 2000. And according to the Campaign for Primary Accountability, that's too long on Capitol Hill. The group, primarily funded by Texans with deep pockets, has targeted five incumbents.

The group's spokesman, Curtis Ellis, told "The Hill" that Schiff is a "center-right, almost Blue Dog-type guy," running in "one of the brightest blue districts in America."  He added the group will pour money in the race if "someone steps forward there who's more truly representative of that district."

Patrick Boland, a Schiff spokesman, says, "We don't believe that residents in our district will respond well to a group of right-wing Texas billionaires trying to tell them who should represent our community."

The Campaign for Primary Accountability claims credit for 2012 election successes, spending $3 million to defeat Texas Democrat Silvestre Reyes and Ohio Republican Jean Schmidt. Both were replaced by members of their own party.

Schiff currently serves on the House Appropriations and Intelligence Committees. As a former U.S. Attorney, he often tackles intellectual property issues. Because his district includes the La Cañada/Flintridge area, he often champions NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory.



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