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Cabinet options for Villaraigosa finally seem closed

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Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa has been in Washington for the past few days for the White House Correspondents’ Dinner and the Milken Institute's Global Conference, but was he also in town for a job interview? 

Villaraigosa will be out of office in just two months and it's still unclear what he will do next. Though many had speculated the mayor would seek a job with the Obama Administration, Villaraigosa sought to quiet that speculation with a statement released back in February. At the time, the mayor said: "I am flattered and humbled by the speculation that has included my name for a possible Cabinet secretary position, but I am firmly committed to remaining in L.A. and finishing my term."

Earlier speculation had Villaraigosa as a possible candidate to succeed Ray LaHood as Transportation Secretary. But over the weekend, the White House confirmed the president's nominee for that post would be Charlotte Mayor Anthony Foxx. And Chicago businesswoman Penny Pritzker now seems destined for the Commerce appointment.

The mayor also stopped by ABC's "This Week." In response to a viewer's question on his future plans, Villaraigosa said he will "ride into the sunset for a bit. I think I’ll work in the private sector, maybe join a speaker’s bureau, if you will. Write a book. Affiliate with a think tank."

The next mayoral administration will start on July 1. 

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