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CA lawmaker fires back on plastic pistols; calls for ban on 3-D printers for guns

The "Liberator" is a plastic pistol fashioned by a 3-D printer by a company in Texas.

Just two days after a Texas group posted a video purporting to be the first firing of a gun printed on a 3-D printer, State Senator Leland Yee (D-SF) said he’ll seek to ban that use of the technology.

In a press release rushed out Tuesday, Yee said as amazing as 3-D technology is, “We must ensure that it is not used for the wrong purpose with potentially deadly consequences.”

Defense Distributed, the group that posted the video, offers a free download of the gun's blueprint on its Wiki Weapons website. The 3-D gun is made of plastic parts, except for the nail used as the firing pin.

The single-shot weapon is being hailed by some visitors on the company's website as a way to avoid gun registration laws.

Yee said California should be “proactive” about stopping the potential proliferation of guns that “are invisible to metal detectors and that can be easily made without a background check.”

The 3-D printer used to make the gun cost $8,000. 

Yee hopes to introduce a bill to limit the technology this session.  He's got two other gun control measure moving through the legislature aimed at stopping the sales and possession of  assault style weapons and requiring owners to store guns in locked containers.