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President Clinton robocalls for Wendy Greuel on eve of election

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Ring, ring -- it's Bill Clinton -- and he's calling for you

Los Angeles voters may hear a familiar voice on the phone today as a robocall from former President Bill Clinton makes the rounds on behalf of Wendy Greuel. Clinton endorsed Greuel early in the race and last month appeared with her at a town hall at Langer's Deli. 

On the call, Clinton tells voters:

Los Angeles needs a proven, creative problem solver. Who will work with everybody to get the job done as mayor. Wendy Greuel will get the job done. She won’t just be the first woman mayor of LA – she’ll be the best mayor.

Greuel worked for the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development during the Clinton Administration. Following the endorsement, a poll from USC and the Los Angeles Times found more than half of voters would be inclined to vote for a candidate supported by Clinton. The most recent USC/Los Angeles Times poll found 3 percent of Greuel supporters identified the Clinton endorsement as the main reason to vote for her. 

Listen to the robocall here

Election Day is tomorrow. 

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