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LA Democrat pushes White House on climate change

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Democratic hawks on climate change are putting pressure on the White House to use executive power to cut emissions. And L.A. Democratic Congressman Henry Waxman is doing some of the pushing.

Waxman was the author of a 2009 climate change bill that passed the House, but died in the Senate. Now that he's in the minority party, he's been frustrated trying to move similar legislation. So he and fellow Democrat, Rhode Island Senator Sheldon Whitehouse, have been meeting with top White House staffers to discuss climate strategies President Obama can use.

Waxman says the Clean Air Act allows the Environmental Protection Agency to limit pollution from new and existing power plants and oil refineries. "The administration can insist on greater efficiency in our use of energy," he says, "not just by the government itself, but in setting efficiency standards for appliances and other items."

Waxman applauded the recent hydro fluorocarbon agreement between President Obama and the President of China, agreeing to work together to reduce and eliminate HFCs.



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