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House Democrats stake out position on immigration ahead of GOP meeting

Kitty Felde/KPCC

Los Angeles Democrat Xavier Becerra speaks with the media after a closed door meeting of House Democrats on immigration.

Republican and Democratic members of Congress are holding closed door meetings on immigration. House Republicans meet Wednesday and House Democrats met Tuesday.

Los Angeles Congressman Xavier Becerra is the head of the House Democratic Caucus.

He said some Democrats are unhappy with the increased border security measures in the Senate immigration bill. But Becerra said House Democrats are united on one point:  they won't vote for any immigration package that doesn't include a path to citizenship.

"It makes no sense to try to say we're going to fix a broken immigration system and leave out the component that addresses the situation where some 11 million people continue to exist in the shadows," said Becerra.

House Speaker John Boehner said Monday that legalization needs to wait until there is "strong border security in place."

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