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Prison hunger strike numbers continue to drop

34472 full
34472 full

The number of California inmates participating in a mass hunger strike continues to drop, according to the Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation. Friday is the fifth day of the strike, which is in protest of the regular use of long-term isolation to diminish the power of prison gang members.

The number of hunger strikers now stands at 7,664, down from 12,000 on Thursday and nearly 29,000 participants on Monday, when the action started. Even at the reduced number, the strike remains the largest in the state's history. A four-week hunger strike in July 2011 involved 6,500 inmates at its peak.

The strike has ramifications for prison operations, and now that the state has officially recognized the hunger strike, they will begin monitoring inmates’ health.

Participants come from 24 state prisons and one out-of-state contract facility. Corrections department officials will not state how many inmates are on strike in each prison, citing inmate safety concerns. However, according a statement by the department, visiting at the prisons will not be affected by the strike. 

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