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Maven's Morning Coffee: LA County fires social workers, Police Commission sends racial profiling to mediation, Q&A with Mike Bonin

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Today is Wednesday, July 31, and here is what's happening in Southern California politics:


Los Angeles County fired four child welfare workers who officials say were responsible for serious lapses that led to the death of an 8-year-old Palmdale boy, reports the Los Angeles Times. "There were so many red flags in this case that just didn't go heeded," said Philip Browning, head of the Department of Children and Family Services.

The Police Commission approved a three-year pilot program that would allow police officers and individuals who accuse them of racial profiling to enter into mediation, according to the Los Angeles Times. "The initiative is the latest effort by LAPD officials to rethink the way the department addresses an accusation made hundreds of times each year — that an officer targeted someone for a traffic stop or some other type of detention because of that person's race," per The Times.

It took authorities three years to investigate allegations that a Los Angeles County sheriff's deputy raped two women while on duty, reports the Los Angeles Times. Jose Rigaberto Sanchez was relieved of duty with pay back in September 2010. His pay was suspended Monday evening when he was arrested. Sanchez faces 11 felony charges and could face life in prison if convicted.

The city of Glendale unveiled a statue honoring "comfort women," who were forced into sexual slavery during the Second World War by the Japanese military, according to the Daily News. The monument was installed after a 4-1 vote of the Glendale City Council.

L.A. City Councilman Bob Blumenfield wants to install free WiFi throughout Los Angeles -- something former Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa tried to do back in 2007, reports KPCC.

In his Q&A with Los Angeles Magazine, Councilman Mike Bonin says his new office doesn't have a desk but it does have couches and a small statuette of Ganesha.



Upcoming Votes


  • LA City Council: Recommendation for a special taxing district, motion on parking at broken meters (10 a.m.)

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