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Maven's Morning Coffee: LA's failed streets, pay day for Santa Ana city manager, a push for non-partisan presidential primaries

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Today is Thursday, Aug. 8, and here is what's happening in Southern California politics:


A proposed $3 billion bond to fix Los Angeles' failing streets is making its way through City Hall, according to the Daily News. The Los Angeles City Council is expected to look at 26 different items that would be a part of the program.

The new city manager of Santa Ana will be one of the highest paid public employees in California, reports the Los Angeles Times. David Cavazos will receive a total compensation package worth $558,625 in his first year of employment.

The Sacramento Bee reports that former state legislator Steve Peace wants to eliminate partisan primaries during the state's presidential elections. This would essentially extend the state's "top two" system to presidential races. "The traditional Sacramento view of how these things get qualified isn't necessarily the only way to do it," Peace says.

Critics of the Hollywood Millennium project say city officials concealed information that showed the development would sit on top of an earthquake fault, reports KPCC. A rep for Building and Safety told the station they are "concerned about any project being built near a known fault, but that it is unclear where exactly this fault is located."

According to the LA Weekly, the Los Angeles Fire Department has become something of a mobile health clinic. "LAFD slowdowns are being caused by a tsunami of ambulance calls from people with shortness of breath, vague pains, cardiac arrest and all manner of real and imagined maladies. LAFD gets absurd requests — like help finding the lost remote control. And it gets hundreds of calls, every single day, just for a lift to the hospital," according to the Weekly.



Upcoming Votes


  • LA City Council: Recommendation to move around money for the Controller's Office (10 a.m.)

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