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Report: LA City Council should approve proposed DWP contract (updated)

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A new report from the city's chief legislative analyst urges the Los Angeles City Council to approve a proposed contract with the union representing employees with the Department of Water and Power. 

The CLA's report found the deal could save $7.9 billion over a 30-year period. 

The contract "accomplishes the negotiating goals established several years ago with all labor negotiations, will provide the greatest protection to DWP ratepayers, creates certainty over the next several years in DWP revenue requirements and rate impacts on customers" and provides a template for future labor negotiations, according to chief legislative analyst, Gerry Miller.

On Friday, members of both the Budget and Finance committee and the Energy and Environment committee are expected to hold a joint public hearing on the contract.  Council President Herb Wesson has said a deal needs to be in place by Sept. 1 to avoid cost-of-living adjustments that are scheduled to take effect on Oct. 1. 

The contract with the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers, Local 18 could impact the cost of DWP services to local residents.  DWP officials want to increase water and electricity rates next year.

 "This proposed agreement will reduce required rate increases for both water and electricity ... as a result of the pension and active employee cost reduction," Miller wrote.

Updated: The council president's office just announced the hearing will take place on Friday at 10 a.m. in place of the regularly scheduled L.A. City Council meeting. 


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