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Maven's Morning Coffee: Conflict at LAX, MWD considers ethics policy, big data at City Hall

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Today is Monday, Aug. 19, and here is what's happening in Southern California politics:


Los Angeles International Airport may restart the bidding process on a media contract because of a conflict-of-interest complaint, reports the Los Angeles Times. Clear Channel Airports filed the complaint after a group that includes former Airport Commissioner Alan Rothenberg received a lucrative advertising contract at the airport.

The Metropolitan Water District is expected to consider a new ethics policy that could improve the independence and confidentiality of its process, according to KPCC. The Los Angeles Times editorial board urges approval of the policy. "A more robust ethics program could catch problems when they are small, and would send a public message that water agencies can and do operate based on some principles other than self-dealing and cronyism," according to the editorial.

Dan Walters with The Sacramento Bee makes the case for linking Ontario Airport with the airport in San Diego. "It would make all the sense in the world to merge the two airports into one operational unit, giving San Diego better access to international travelers and giving Ontario and environs some badly needed business," he writes.

In Rick Orlov's Tipoff column, Mayor Eric Garcetti skips VICA's luncheon, the LA 2020 Committee looks at LA's finances, and is the Democratic National Convention making a return to Los Angeles?

Over at LAObserved, Bill Boyarsky looks at Controller Ron Galperin's use of data to tell the story of City Hall. "It’s called Big Data analysis and is common with sports teams, retail marketers, political campaigns, the National Security Agency and cutting edge political and sports analysts like Nate Silver," he writes.



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