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New Los Angeles police commissioners asked to focus on communities

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Four new appointees to the Los Angeles Police Commission by Mayor Eric Garcetti were confirmed Friday by the Los Angeles City Council. And with crime down, the new commissioners were asked to focus on community relations.

Civic leader Steve Soboroff, law professor Kathleen Kim, L.A. Sparks CEO Paula Madison and nonprofit leader Sandra Figueroa-Villa were unanimously confirmed. It's a city council that includes a former LAPD senior lead officer, a reserve cop and the former chief of police, Bernard Parks. He wants the new commission to be more vocal about state bills that could impact underserved areas.

"It's just not about arresting people and booking them. There are so many community ills that the police department addresses that they clearly should be taking a stand on – a much broader variety of legislative issues that impact the communities they serve," Parks said. 

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The city council also wants to see the new commissioners go out and talk to Angelenos, especially in areas that have traditionally had troubles with the LAPD. Madison, a former media executive, said she and her new colleagues would take part in a listening tour.

"I think the more voices that we can bring in, the more we can give voice to the disenfranchised, I think the better relationships we can have and therefore the tensions can be put down some," she said.

The mayor is keeping Robert Saltzman, an appointee of former Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa, on the panel.

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