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Mayor Eric Garcetti reports for jury duty at criminal courthouse (Updated)

Mayor Eric Garcetti was excused from jury duty Monday afternoon. Back to mayorin'!
Mayor Eric Garcetti was excused from jury duty Monday afternoon. Back to mayorin'!

UPDATE: Mayor Eric Garcetti was cleared from jury duty late Monday afternoon, according to a spokesman for his office. We're not sure the reason behind Garcetti's dismissal but we hope he told the court: "You guys know my Dad used to work here, right?" 

ORIGINAL POST: If Mayor Eric Garcetti weren't such a responsible citizen, maybe he could actually get some mayorin' done.  

He recently completed two weeks of Naval Reserves duty. And on Monday, he reported to downtown's criminal courthouse for jury duty.  

The mayor was waiting to see if he would be assigned to a case, a spokesman said shortly before 11 a.m. Sounds like Garcetti could use some help coming up with an excuse to get out of the jury pool. Here are a few ideas:

  • Have to get back to City Hall and make sure Council President Herb Wesson isn't giving away the store.
  • Need to mow the Silver Lake Reservoir  Meadow. 
  • Gotta read through the DWP's work rules. 
  • Made an appointment to measure drapes at Getty House.
  • I'm Mayor Eric Garcetti!

This civic duty follows Garcetti's Navy Reserve training in the middle of August. (He has announced he will go off active reserve duty at the end of the year, meaning he won't have annual training commitments.)

A frequent tweeter, Garcetti has yet to post any messages or photos from the courtroom, though he was on Twitter Sunday night responding to Angelenos' complaints about DWP customer service and the sprinklers in Echo Park. 

The only event listed on the mayor's public schedule Monday is an evening reception at the L.A. Gay and Lesbian Center. 


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