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Maven's Morning Coffee: Police Commission gets to work, new terminal at LAX, public records amendment heads to ballot

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Today is Wednesday, Sept. 11, and here is what's happening in Southern California politics:


It only took 2 1/2 minutes for Steve Soboroff to make his presence felt on the Police Commission, reports the Los Angeles Times. The new commission president wants all LAPD officers to be equipped with small video cameras on their uniforms -- in 18 months.

Nine new gates at LAX's Tom Bradley International Terminal will open on Sept. 18, reports the Daily News. The hall, named after former Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa, is opening significantly behind schedule.

Four members of Californian's Congressional delegation spoke to KPCC last night following President Obama's speech on Syria. "I didn’t hear any new information and I actually frankly didn’t hear any new arguments," said Rep. John Campbell of Irvine. Reps. Brad Sherman, Janice Hahn and Adam Schiff also spoke as part of the live event at the Crawford Family Forum.

A proposed amendment related to the California Public Records Act will appear on the June 2014 ballot, according to Capitol Alert. "If approved by voters, SCA 3 would permanently uphold and protect a person's right to inspect public records and attend public meetings, which are principles we all respect and treasure," said state Sen. Mark Leno.

A Los Angeles Times editorial makes the case for paying members of the Board of Education a higher salary. Full-time board members, who have to forgo outside employment, earn $45,637 a year. Part-timers (assistant city attorney Tamar Galatzan is currently the only one) earn $26,347. "It's time to pay a full-time salary for a full-time job," according to The Times.

Mayor Eric Garcetti reaches out to Angelenos on Twitter, even if it's just to respond to messages about trash pickup and customer service, reports KPCC. "Whenever I have the chance or have a little break, I will look at my own account and try to respond to as many as I can or where it’s appropriate," said @EricGarcetti.



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