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Mayor Eric Garcetti sets up shop — in a parking spot

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That's right. Mayor Eric Garcetti spent Friday morning meeting with Angelenos in a temporary office erected in two parking spots in Boyle Heights. 

The Mayor's Office brought in sod, Wi-Fi, a couch -- even an end table and lamp -- to create a pop up office where Garcetti and his constituent representatives could meet with folks and hear their complaints about City Hall. 

"You can't just do this behind closed doors," Garcetti said. "There's eight doors between the public and me at City Hall. I wanted to have no doors today."

(There are not just eight doors. Visitors also have to show photo ID and go through a metal detector.)

During the curbside chat, the mayor met Arcelia Gonzalez, whose family owns a restaurant on First Street. A year ago, Gonzalez filed a complaint with the city after the roots of a city-owned Ficus tree broke one of her pipes. That led to floods every time it rained. Gonzalez explained she hadn't received any word from the city in the past 11 months. Garcetti told her she would have a response by next Wednesday. And if she doesn't hear back?

"I'll be calling him," she said. 

The temporary office was held on Park(ing) Day, which is a movement that encourages people to rethink how they can use parking spots (aside from, you know, parking your car in them.) But don't get any big ideas. The mayor's office says that on any other day of the year, feeding  a parking meter and then using the space for band rehearsal or a game of bocce ball isn't going to fly with parking enforcement. 

And for what it's worth, parking enforcement did not show up when the mayor's meter briefly expired. 

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