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Furloughed workers picketing at US Capitol against shutdown

This furloughed worker says she'll be giving her landlord an IOU.
This furloughed worker says she'll be giving her landlord an IOU.
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The government may be shut down, but not the doors to the U.S. Capitol. That’s where a group of furloughed federal workers – including one from California – have  been lobbying members of Congress to come to an agreement.

She'll only identify herself as Jamie, a furloughed worker from San Francisco who now works in D.C. for a federal agency she says she can only identify as "implementing public health." She's standing outside the Capitol with a handful of other workers, carrying a sign that reads, "The system is broke and so am I: call a vote." 

Jamie will get a partial paycheck next week, then she’ll have to speak to her landlord about an IOU. She says she's heard that some credit unions are extending interest free loans.

Jamie and her fellow protesters have sought out Democrats and Republicans.  She says both sides need "to find something that’s going to make it look like they’re all saving face." But, she adds with a shrug, "I don’t see how that’s going to happen."

Meanwhile, she says she’ll be back with her sign, reminding lawmakers that shutting down the government has a human face. Hope they used waterproof markers: a cold front is moving in, bringing the Washington area three days of rain.