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California Congressional lawmakers hearing from voters and family about impasse

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Freshman Democrat Congressman Tony Cardenas says of the San Fernando Valley says constituents are nervous over shutdown.

There are hints that the U.S. Senate has crafted a deal to end the government shutdown and raise the debt ceiling. House Democrats and Republicans meet Tuesday to discuss their next moves.

Lawmakers have been hearing from constituents — and family members — as the impasse has dragged on.

Most members of Congress spent their third straight weekend in Washington, but L.A. Democrat Tony Cardenas went home to California for part of the weekend — and got an earful from voters. He says he heard from people who are "just nervous" and asking ,“What’s going on?" Cardenas says "You could see it in their eyes that something is not right."

Cardenas says a few folks were angry, some even said they were praying for him. He sums up the showdown over the shutdown in one word: frustration. "That unfortunate word has been rolling off my tongue a lot."

Republican Buck McKeon of Santa Clarita was supposed to be in Utah, babysitting his grandchildren. His wife went on without him. He says she's "very understanding. We’ve been doing this for 21 years. So she knows we don’t set our schedule."

Congress has run out of weekends: the country runs out of borrowing power on Thursday. 

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