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LA's top budget official keeps job under Garcetti Administration

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City Administrative Officer Miguel Santana will keep his job as the city's top budget official, the mayor's office said Monday.

L.A.'s top numbers cruncher won't have to count sheep tonight: he gets to keep his job at City Hall.

Monday's announcement from Mayor Eric Garcetti's office that City Administrative Officer Miguel Santana will remain in his post comes as the mayor conducts performance reviews of the city's general managers.

Santana's future was called into question during the mayor's race earlier this year. Before offering an endorsement for any candidate, members of the Service Employees International Union asked the mayoral hopefuls whether they would keep Santana on the city's payroll. At the time, Garcetti declined to comment. The union ultimately endorsed Wendy Greuel.

The CAO was often criticized by the city's unions for recommending layoffs and other cost-saving measures.

"We're disappointed that the mayor chose to keep him because of the arbitrary and heavy-handed way the CAO has dealt with city workers," said Tim Butcher, a steward with SEIU Local 721. 

"When L.A. was in financial trouble, he discounted every proposal we made to fix it. He was too close-minded and unmoving, and it resulted in cuts to city services. We're hoping that under Mayor Garcetti he'll be a more open and honest financial chief."

Santana has been the chief financial advisor to the mayor and the Los Angeles City Council since 2009. 

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