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7 California Democrats vote with GOP to 'fix' Obamacare (See the full vote breakdown)

Congressman Raul Ruiz of Palm Springs, an emergency room physician, was among the 7 California Democrats who voted for a Republican bill to amend the Affordable Care Act.
Congressman Raul Ruiz of Palm Springs, an emergency room physician, was among the 7 California Democrats who voted for a Republican bill to amend the Affordable Care Act.
Ben Bergman/KPCC

California is one of the bluest states in the country. But seven California Democrats broke ranks and voted with their GOP colleagues Friday to support a Republican bill that allows insurance companies to continue offering plans previously cancelled under the Affordable Care Act.

This week, the President promised to make an administrative fix similar to the GOP bill. But many Democrats say the measure by Michigan Republican Fred Upton would chip away at the Affordable Care Act, allowing new customers to purchase plans that don't offer the level of care guaranteed in the federal law. The President has promised to veto it.

All 14 California Republicans present in Washington voted for the "Keep Your Health Care Act of 2013." Freshman GOP Congressman Paul Cook of Yucca Valley says the bill "makes good on the President’s broken promise and allows those receiving cancellation notices to continue to be covered on the plans they like.”

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Both of California's Democratic physician/lawmakers also voted "yes." Ami Bera of the Sacramento suburb of Elk Grove joined emergency room doctor Raul Ruiz of Palm Springs in voting with the GOP. In a statement, Ruiz said the Affordable Care Act was "a step in the right direction," but needs improvement — including making sure "all Californians would be free to choose any options available, including their current policies."

Two other freshman Democrats, Julia Brownley of Ventura and Scott Peters of El Centro, as well as veterans Jim Costa of Fresno, John Garamendi of Walnut Creek and Jerry McNerney of Pleasanton also voted for the measure.

All seven face tough re-election campaigns. But voting "yes" on the Keep Your Health Care Act may not help.

Within minutes of the vote tally, the National Republican Congressional Committee, the campaign arm of House Republicans, sent out an e-mail blasting Brownley, saying no matter what she says, Brownley "voted to keep ObamaCare the law of the land...and it’s because of her that ObamaCare has been such a total disaster for the American people.”

A total of 39 House Democrats voted with their GOP colleagues.

Three California Democrats and one Republican didn't vote at all. L.A. Democrat Xavier Becerra had to fly home before the final vote to meet a trade delegation. Party-mates Tony Cardenas of L.A. and George Miller of the Bay Area did not cast ballots. Irvine Republican John Campbell is a co-sponsor of the Keep Your Health Plan Act.

Party Yay Nay Present Not Voting
GOP 222 4 0 4
Dem 39 153 0 8
Ind 0 0 0 0
Total 261 157 0 12
Yay (261) Nay (157) Present (0) Not Voting (12)
Aderholt (R, AL) Andrews (D, NJ)   Becerra (D, CA)
Amash (R, MI) Bass (D, CA)   Campbell (R, CA)
Amodei (R, NV) Beatty (D, OH)   Cárdenas (D, CA)
Bachmann (R, MN) Bishop (D, GA)   Gosar (R, AZ)
Bachus (R, AL) Blumenauer (D, OR)   Granger (R, TX)
Barber (D, AZ) Bonamici (D, OR)   Green (D, TX)
Barletta (R, PA) Brady (D, PA)   Jones (R, NC)
Barr (R, KY) Bridenstine (R, OK)   McCarthy (D, NY)
Barrow (D, GA) Broun (R, GA)   Miller (D, CA)
Barton (R, TX) Brown (D, FL)   Rush (D, IL)
Benishek (R, MI) Butterfield (D, NC)   Sires (D, NJ)
Bentivolio (R, MI) Capps (D, CA)   Tsongas (D, MA)
Bera (D, CA) Capuano (D, MA)    
Bilirakis (R, FL) Carney (D, DE)    
Bishop (D, NY) Carson (D, IN)    
Bishop (R, UT) Cartwright (D, PA)    
Black (R, TN) Castor (D, FL)    
Blackburn (R, TN) Castro (D, TX)    
Boustany (R, LA) Chu (D, CA)    
Brady (R, TX) Cicilline (D, RI)    
Braley (D, IA) Clarke (D, NY)    
Brooks (R, AL) Clay (D, MO)    
Brooks (R, IN) Cleaver (D, MO)    
Brownley (D, CA) Clyburn (D, SC)    
Buchanan (R, FL) Cohen (D, TN)    
Bucshon (R, IN) Connolly (D, VA)    
Burgess (R, TX) Conyers (D, MI)    
Bustos (D, IL) Cooper (D, TN)    
Calvert (R, CA) Courtney (D, CT)    
Camp (R, MI) Crowley (D, NY)    
Cantor (R, VA) Cuellar (D, TX)    
Carter (R, TX) Cummings (D, MD)    
Cassidy (R, LA) Davis (D, CA)    
Chabot (R, OH) Davis (D, IL)    
Chaffetz (R, UT) DeGette (D, CO)    
Coble (R, NC) Delaney (D, MD)    
Coffman (R, CO) DeLauro (D, CT)    
Cole (R, OK) Deutch (D, FL)    
Collins (R, GA) Dingell (D, MI)    
Collins (R, NY) Doggett (D, TX)    
Conaway (R, TX) Doyle (D, PA)    
Cook (R, CA) Edwards (D, MD)    
Costa (D, CA) Ellison (D, MN)    
Cotton (R, AR) Engel (D, NY)    
Cramer (R, ND) Eshoo (D, CA)    
Crawford (R, AR) Farr (D, CA)    
Crenshaw (R, FL) Fattah (D, PA)    
Culberson (R, TX) Frankel (D, FL)    
Daines (R, MT) Fudge (D, OH)    
Davis (R, IL) Gabbard (D, HI)    
DeFazio (D, OR) Grayson (D, FL)    
DelBene (D, WA) Green (D, TX)    
Denham (R, CA) Grijalva (D, AZ)    
Dent (R, PA) Gutiérrez (D, IL)    
DeSantis (R, FL) Hahn (D, CA)    
DesJarlais (R, TN) Hall (R, TX)    
Diaz-Balart (R, FL) Hanabusa (D, HI)    
Duckworth (D, IL) Hastings (D, FL)    
Duffy (R, WI) Heck (D, WA)    
Duncan (R, SC) Higgins (D, NY)    
Duncan (R, TN) Himes (D, CT)    
Ellmers (R, NC) Hinojosa (D, TX)    
Enyart (D, IL) Holt (D, NJ)    
Esty (D, CT) Honda (D, CA)    
Farenthold (R, TX) Horsford (D, NV)    
Fincher (R, TN) Hoyer (D, MD)    
Fitzpatrick (R, PA) Huffman (D, CA)    
Fleischmann (R, TN) Israel (D, NY)    
Fleming (R, LA) Jackson (D, TX)    
Flores (R, TX) Jeffries (D, NY)    
Forbes (R, VA) Johnson (D, GA)    
Fortenberry (R, NE) Johnson (D, TX)    
Foster (D, IL) Kaptur (D, OH)    
Foxx (R, NC) Keating (D, MA)    
Franks (R, AZ) Kelly (D, IL)    
Frelinghuysen (R, NJ) Kennedy (D, MA)    
Gallego (D, TX) Kildee (D, MI)    
Garamendi (D, CA) Kilmer (D, WA)    
Garcia (D, FL) Kirkpatrick (D, AZ)    
Gardner (R, CO) Langevin (D, RI)    
Garrett (R, NJ) Larsen (D, WA)    
Gerlach (R, PA) Larson (D, CT)    
Gibbs (R, OH) Lee (D, CA)    
Gibson (R, NY) Levin (D, MI)    
Gingrey (R, GA) Lewis (D, GA)    
Gohmert (R, TX) Lipinski (D, IL)    
Goodlatte (R, VA) Lofgren (D, CA)    
Gowdy (R, SC) Lowenthal (D, CA)    
Graves (R, GA) Lowey (D, NY)    
Graves (R, MO) Lujan (D, NM)    
Griffin (R, AR) Luján (D, NM)    
Griffith (R, VA) Lynch (D, MA)    
Grimm (R, NY) Maloney (D, NY)    
Guthrie (R, KY) Massie (R, KY)    
Hanna (R, NY) Matsui (D, CA)    
Harper (R, MS) McCollum (D, MN)    
Harris (R, MD) McDermott (D, WA)    
Hartzler (R, MO) McGovern (D, MA)    
Hastings (R, WA) Meeks (D, NY)    
Heck (R, NV) Meng (D, NY)    
Hensarling (R, TX) Michaud (D, ME)    
Herrera Beutler (R, WA) Moore (D, WI)    
Holding (R, NC) Moran (D, VA)    
Hudson (R, NC) Nadler (D, NY)    
Huelskamp (R, KS) Napolitano (D, CA)    
Huizenga (R, MI) Neal (D, MA)    
Hultgren (R, IL) Negrete (D, CA)    
Hunter (R, CA) O'Rourke (D, TX)    
Hurt (R, VA) Pallone (D, NJ)    
Issa (R, CA) Pascrell (D, NJ)    
Jenkins (R, KS) Pastor (D, AZ)    
Johnson (R, OH) Payne (D, NJ)    
Johnson (R, TX) Pelosi (D, CA)    
Jordan (R, OH) Perlmutter (D, CO)    
Joyce (R, OH) Pingree (D, ME)    
Kelly (R, PA) Pocan (D, WI)    
Kind (D, WI) Polis (D, CO)    
King (R, IA) Price (D, NC)    
King (R, NY) Quigley (D, IL)    
Kingston (R, GA) Rangel (D, NY)    
Kinzinger (R, IL) Richmond (D, LA)    
Kline (R, MN) Roybal-Allard (D, CA)    
Kuster (D, NH) Ruppersberger (D, MD)    
Labrador (R, ID) Ryan (D, OH)    
LaMalfa (R, CA) Sanchez (D, CA)    
Lamborn (R, CO) Sánchez (D, CA)    
Lance (R, NJ) Sarbanes (D, MD)    
Lankford (R, OK) Schakowsky (D, IL)    
Latham (R, IA) Schiff (D, CA)    
Latta (R, OH) Schwartz (D, PA)    
LoBiondo (R, NJ) Scott (D, VA)    
Loebsack (D, IA) Scott (D, GA)    
Long (R, MO) Serrano (D, NY)    
Lucas (R, OK) Sewell (D, AL)    
Luetkemeyer (R, MO) Sherman (D, CA)    
Lummis (R, WY) Slaughter (D, NY)    
Maffei (D, NY) Smith (D, WA)    
Maloney (D, NY) Speier (D, CA)    
Marchant (R, TX) Swalwell (D, CA)    
Marino (R, PA) Takano (D, CA)    
Matheson (D, UT) Thompson (D, CA)    
McCarthy (R, CA) Thompson (D, MS)    
McCaul (R, TX) Tierney (D, MA)    
McClintock (R, CA) Titus (D, NV)    
McHenry (R, NC) Tonko (D, NY)    
McIntyre (D, NC) Van (D, MD)    
McKeon (R, CA) Vargas (D, CA)    
McKinley (R, WV) Veasey (D, TX)    
McMorris Rodgers (R, WA) Velázquez (D, NY)    
McNerney (D, CA) Visclosky (D, IN)    
Meadows (R, NC) Wasserman (D, FL)    
Meehan (R, PA) Waters (D, CA)    
Messer (R, IN) Watt (D, NC)    
Mica (R, FL) Waxman (D, CA)    
Miller (R, FL) Welch (D, VT)    
Miller (R, MI) Wilson (D, FL)    
Miller (R, CA) Yarmuth (D, KY)    
Moore Capito (R, WV)      
Mullin (R, OK)      
Mulvaney (R, SC)      
Murphy (D, FL)      
Murphy (R, PA)      
Neugebauer (R, TX)      
Noem (R, SD)      
Nolan (D, MN)      
Nugent (R, FL)      
Nunes (R, CA)      
Nunnelee (R, MS)      
Olson (R, TX)      
Owens (D, NY)      
Palazzo (R, MS)      
Paulsen (R, MN)      
Pearce (R, NM)      
Perry (R, PA)      
Peters (D, CA)      
Peters (D, MI)      
Peterson (D, MN)      
Petri (R, WI)      
Pittenger (R, NC)      
Pitts (R, PA)      
Poe (R, TX)      
Pompeo (R, KS)      
Posey (R, FL)      
Price (R, GA)      
Radel (R, FL)      
Rahall (D, WV)      
Reed (R, NY)      
Reichert (R, WA)      
Renacci (R, OH)      
Ribble (R, WI)      
Rice (R, SC)      
Rigell (R, VA)      
Roby (R, AL)      
Roe (R, TN)      
Rogers (R, AL)      
Rogers (R, KY)      
Rogers (R, MI)      
Rohrabacher (R, CA)      
Rokita (R, IN)      
Rooney (R, FL)      
Roskam (R, IL)      
Ros-Lehtinen (R, FL)      
Ross (R, FL)      
Rothfus (R, PA)      
Royce (R, CA)      
Ruiz (D, CA)      
Runyan (R, NJ)      
Ryan (R, WI)      
Salmon (R, AZ)      
Sanford (R, SC)      
Scalise (R, LA)      
Schneider (D, IL)      
Schock (R, IL)      
Schrader (D, OR)      
Schweikert (R, AZ)      
Scott (R, GA)      
Sensenbrenner (R, WI)      
Sessions (R, TX)      
Shea-Porter (D, NH)      
Shimkus (R, IL)      
Shuster (R, PA)      
Simpson (R, ID)      
Sinema (D, AZ)      
Smith (R, MO)      
Smith (R, NE)      
Smith (R, NJ)      
Smith (R, TX)      
Southerland (R, FL)      
Stewart (R, UT)      
Stivers (R, OH)      
Stockman (R, TX)      
Stutzman (R, IN)      
Terry (R, NE)      
Thompson (R, PA)      
Thornberry (R, TX)      
Tiberi (R, OH)      
Tipton (R, CO)      
Turner (R, OH)      
Upton (R, MI)      
Valadao (R, CA)      
Vela (D, TX)      
Wagner (R, MO)      
Walberg (R, MI)      
Walden (R, OR)      
Walorski (R, IN)      
Walz (D, MN)      
Weber (R, TX)      
Webster (R, FL)      
Wenstrup (R, OH)      
Westmoreland (R, GA)      
Whitfield (R, KY)      
Williams (R, TX)      
Wilson (R, SC)      
Wittman (R, VA)      
Wolf (R, VA)      
Womack (R, AR)      
Woodall (R, GA)      
Yoder (R, KS)      
Yoho (R, FL)      
Young (R, AK)      
Young (R, IN)