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Maven's Morning Coffee: LAFD's challenges, the Calderon dynasty, why is LA rent so high?

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Today is Monday, Dec. 2, and here is what's happening in Southern California politics:


The next chief of the Los Angeles Fire Department will have to take on the department's long history of race and sex discrimination, reports the Los Angeles Times. "Over the last year, payouts in bias-related lawsuits have climbed, the federal government has stepped up its response to employee discrimination complaints, and an internal City Hall battle has raged over voter-imposed reforms intended to combat misconduct in the ranks," per The Times.

In Rick Orlov's Tipoff column, City Attorney Mike Feuer takes a stab at Spanish, Derek Cressman runs for secretary of state, and City Hall asks for some feedback.

Dan Walters at the Sacramento Bee looks at how the FBI's investigation of state Sen. Ron Calderon may be threatening a political dynasty. The investigation "altered the political dynamics of the Southern California region he and his political family have dominated for decades," he writes.

KPCC looks at why residents are staying in San Bernardino, even as politicians are recalled and the city faces bankruptcy.

Which Way LA? considers why rent in Los Angeles in 6 percent higher than it was before the Great Recession.



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