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New Census tool enables neighborhood comparisons

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The U.S. Census Bureau has a new smart phone app and web page to enable the public to get basic demographic data at a neighborhood level.

To give it a try, type in your home address and the site zooms in on a color-coded map showing the median household income of your census tract and those nearby. They've got other stats: over-65 population, foreign born, high school graduates, bachelor's degree or higher education levels, working population, and homes that are owner-occupied.

The site displays data for counties and states, but not cities. That's because the site is based on census tracts, which are neatly contained within counties and states, but sometimes chopped up by city boundaries, said Census spokeswoman Stacy Vidal.

If you prefer to look up data on a mobile device,  the Census Bureau's mobile app, Dwellr, provides  statistics on your current location. You can also match your preferences for a place to work, visit or live, and you get suggested places to consider.


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