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Governor's budget projects state surplus to hit $4.6 billion

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California Governor Jerry Brown plans to unveil his proposed 2014-15 state budget Thursday morning. It pegs the state's surplus for the current and upcoming fiscal years at $4.6 billion.

"The governor wants to use a lot of that money to pay down debt and set aside for a rainy day in a budget reserve," said Capitol Public Radio bureau chief Ben Adler.

Among the governor's other proposals:

  • More than $800 million for infrastructure projects at state parks, highways, schools, courts and prisons.
  • A five percent increase in welfare grants
  • $670 million for the expansion of Medi-Cal, including mental health and adult dental programs.

The governor originally planned to unveil the budget Friday, but his office announced he'll do it a day earlier after a copy was leaked to the media. 

Brown will formally release the budget in Sacramento, then travel to San Diego and Los Angeles to tout his spending plan.

Correction: An earlier version of this story mistakenly reported the state's projected budget surplus would be $6 billion.

2014 California Budget Summary



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