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LA Councilman formally responds to allegations of sexual harassment

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Los Angeles City Councilman Jose Huizar has already denied a former staffer's allegations of sexual harassment , but now he's done so formally in a new court filing — all while giving some insight into the relationship with his former deputy. 

The 14th District councilman has repeatedly denied that he sexually harassed or retaliated against his former Deputy Chief of Staff, Francine Godoy, though last year the councilman told reporters he did have an affair with her. 

"(Huizar) denies generally and specifically that (Godoy) was subject to retaliation in any manner," according to the court filing. "(Huizar) also denies generally and specifically that anything to do with her employment or otherwise was conditioned upon a continued sexual relationship between parties."

In her original lawsuit, Godoy detailed how the councilman had encouraged her to run for the Los Angeles Community College Board of Trustees and went so far as to talk  to "influential people" on her behalf. Huizar admits that is true, according to his court filing.

The councilman also admits he contacted Godoy late in the evening the night before she was to meet with the Community College Faculty Guild for an endorsement in her burgeoning campaign. Huizar also admitted to parking outside Godoy's home so the two could talk in his car, however the councilman denies he made sexual advances to her during that conversation. 

Godoy worked for the council office from 2006-13. She went on to work for the Bureau of Sanitation. 

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