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Maven's Morning Coffee: President Clinton visits City Hall, turmoil in the sheriff's deputies' union, how many pot shops are in LA?

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Good morning, readers. Welcome to the Maven's Morning Coffee -- a listing of the important headlines, news conferences, votes and announcements you need to know to fuel up and tackle your day.

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Today is Thursday, April 3, and here is what's happening in Southern California politics:


Former President Bill Clinton and Mayor Eric Garcetti will meet at City Hall this morning to discuss how cities across America can improve their infrastructure, reports City News Service. The meeting is part of the Clinton Global Initiative.

Assembly Speaker-elect Toni Atkins will officially take on her new leadership role in May, reports Capitol Alert. That is a "a full month before the Legislature must pass a budget without forfeiting pay. Atkins would also steer the Assembly through the May 30 deadline to pass Assembly bills and send them to the Senate," according to the site.

The Los Angeles Times considers the turmoil within the Assn. for Los Angeles Deputy Sheriffs, which now has two presidents, two boards of directors and two websites. "Both sides contend the outcome could influence who becomes the next sheriff, as the union has yet to endorse a candidate in the upcoming election," according to the newspaper.

An estimated 450 pot shops have filed renewals to pay Los Angeles business taxes, according to the Los Angeles Times. "The number is much lower than the estimated number of medical marijuana businesses open before Proposition D," per the newspaper.

Which Way, LA? talks with Compton Mayor Aja Brown about her changing city.

The Atlantic Cities has a photo that captured eight-hours of departures (and a few arrivals) at LAX.


Mayor Eric Garcetti and former President Bill Clinton will host a Clinton Global Initiative meeting at City Hall at 10 a.m.

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