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LA councilman wants to cut pensions to city employees convicted of work-related crimes

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Los Angeles city employees who are convicted of job-related crimes would be forced to forfeit their pensions under a proposal introduced Tuesday. 

The motion from Councilman Mitch Englander follows a Los Angeles Times story about Samuel In, a city building inspector who pleaded guilty last year to taking more than $30,000 in bribes, but will continue to receive an annual city pension of $72,000. 

State employees who are found guilty of crimes related to their jobs cannot receive their pensions. However, that state law does not apply to cities with their own charters and pension systems. 

"We need to eliminate this loophole and explore the feasibility of retroactively eliminating the pension benefit," Englander said. "If not in this case then in all future cases where a felony conviction occurs after a city employee has already retires." 

The councilman's motion asks the City Attorney's Office to look into drafting a new ordinance. 

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