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Candidate for Waxman seat drops out, endorses former opponent

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Marianne Williamson, the popular New Age spiritualist who is running to replace Congressman Henry Waxman, has picked up some unlikely support — the endorsement of a one-time opponent. 

TV producer Brent Roske announced he is ending his campaign and throwing his support behind Williamson. The "surprise announcement" at Williamson's campaign headquarters was taped and uploaded to YouTube. 

Roske asked Republicans, Democrats and Libertarians to make a "bold, historic vote on June 3 and vote for my friend, Marianne Williamson." 

Roske and Williamson were the only candidates who had decided to take on Waxman before he announced his retirement in January. Since then, 16 other candidates have joined the field, including state Senator Ted Lieu and former L.A. City Controller Wendy Greuel. From the video, it's clear Roske and Williamson have a rapport. 

"Will we still be able to text all the time?" Williamson asked after Roske said he would no longer be in the race.

Roske didn't fair so well in a recent New York Times Magazine story, which highlighted that he lives on a yacht in Marina del Rey and hangs out with actors from "The West Wing." Roske is the creator of the politics-themed web series, "Chasing the Hill."

In other endorsement news in this race, Republican Elan Carr picked up support from radio host Dennis Prager. 

"He is that rare person who embodies what good people of both parties most admire in an American – courage," Prager said. "He has walked the walk in defending America against real evil abroad and, as a gang prosecutor, in defending America against evil at home."

Carr, an assistant L.A. County District Attorney and military veteran, is running as a Republican in a heavily Democratic district.

The primary for the 33rd Congressional District will be held June 3. 

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