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Election 2014: Who will vie for Controller's job in November? Results are still unclear

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It's still not clear which candidates will compete for the state Controller's job in the November general election, though it's weeks after the June primary. 

The top vote-getter in the primary was Ashley Swearengin, the Republican mayor of Fresno, who will be one of two candidates for Controller on the November ballot.

But it's unclear who will be the other candidate.

With 26 of 58 counties having completed their count, State Board of Equalization Member Betty Yee led fellow Democrat former Assembly Speaker John Pérez by just a few hundred votes. Whoever comes out on top gets onto the November runoff ballot. One analysis says the answer will come from Lake County, where some 6,000 ballots remain to be counted. The state updates its count of ballots yet-to-be-counted here.

The Secretary of State's office on Monday said that Yee had the edge, with a statewide margin of 660 votes out of more than 4 million cast. That is just 0.016 percent.

As ballots have been counted since the June 3 primary, Yee and Perez have switched the lead.

In most elections, the count of mail-in and provisional ballots does not significantly alter the results seen in the early hours after the polls close on Election Day.

But in a race this close, some election system watchdogs are pointing to the difference that could have been made by the nearly 21,000 votes cast by mail in California that arrived at county registrar offices too late to be counted.

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