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Maven's Morning Coffee: LAUSD special election, Congressional race on Westside, controversy over West Hollywood development

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Today is Thursday, Aug. 7, and here is what's happening in Southern California politics:


The LA Weekly explains why the special election for the LAUSD Board of Education is so important, even though just 8 percent of voters turned out for its primary. "As a group, schools in District 1, which takes in most of South Los Angeles, have the lowest test scores and among the lowest graduation rates of any in Los Angeles," per the Weekly.

A Los Angeles Times editorial says the Board of Supervisors got it wrong when it declined to create a civilian oversight panel for the Sheriff's Department. "The deep problems with the Sheriff’s Department may have less to do with the sheriff than they do with the board, which can’t sufficiently share power or loosen its absolute control over information to safeguard the safety of county residents and the effectiveness of their tax dollars," per the piece.

The Jewish Journal looks at the congressional race between Ted Lieu and Elan Carr. "As much as the two might appear similar now, how either would govern in the House could evolve, depending upon which committees the winner might join, as well as the issues that either would prioritize," according to the newspaper.

A West Hollywood developer says he will reconsider a plan to bar affordable housing tenants from using the amenities in a proposed mixed-use building, reports KPCC. Under the original proposal, renters in affordable units would have been prevented from using the pool in their own building. "I could have never thought that this would come to Southern California, let alone West Hollywood. It's appalling," said Larry Gross of the Coalition for Economic Survival.

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