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Hollywood delegate complains about lack of child care at the DNC, enlists Villaraigosa's help

Kitty Felde/KPCC

DNC delegate Susie Shannon with her daughter Grace. Susie is protesting the lack of childcare at the DNC.

The ladies were highlighted at Tuesday morning’s California delegation breakfast, with Sen. Barbara Boxer and Georgetown law student Sandra Fluke talking about women’s health issues and what they call the "GOP war on women." But one California Democratic delegate has a problem with her own party.

Susie Shannon is a delegate from Hollywood. She came to the Democratic National Convention with her 4-year-old daughter Gracie. Shannon’s beef: The DNC didn’t provide child care on-site at the convention arena.

According to Shannon, there are at least half a dozen small children in Charlotte with the California delegation alone. Last week's Republican National Convention TV coverage included lots of close-up shots of cute children on the convention floor. But delegates aren’t allowed to bring those babies or toddlers with them unless the child also has a floor pass.