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California has lousy convention seats, but delegate finds the best of the worst

Keith Umemoto is attending his sixth Democratic convention

Thursday night, Barack Obama makes his case to the nation at the Democratic National Convention why he should be re-elected. Everyone in the arena wants a good look at the president. 

Keith Umemoto, originally from Los Angeles, is a convention veteran. His father took him to conventions as a child. This is his sixth convention as a delegate.

He says that experience helps him snag the good seats. 

Rule 1: Get there early.

As soon as the doors open to delegates, Umemoto is inside the arena. Today that was 1 p.m. ET.

Rule 2: Scope it out.

Umemoto says he surveys the landscape and picks his spot.

Rule 3: Make the best of a bad deal.

Umemoto says California's seats "are not as prime as Illinois or Delaware." That's because there's no Californian on the ticket and we're a reliable "blue" state.