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Blechh! Dog germs! Gov. Brown's dog Sutter masquerades as Prop 30 kissing booth

Sutter, California's First Dog

Sutter Brown Facebook page

Gov. Jerry Brown's dog Sutter masquerades as a kissing booth on Halloween in support of Prop 30

That's what Peanuts' character Lucy said when Snoopy would lay a big wet one on her kisser —  Blechh! Dog germs!

Not to assume too much about the oral hygeine standards in the Jerry Brown/Anne Gust household, but it would seem that doggy kisses are not off limits, especially when it comes to soliciting support for Gov. Brown's sales and income tax increase measure, Prop 30.

The First Pooch's Facebook page shows Sutter dressed in a Prop 30 kissing-booth costume for Halloween, part of his being hauled around the state making personal appearances (presumably in his normal, costume-free doggy skin) in the days before the election. Sutter's page declares he likes long walks and tummy rubs and loves people.

He's set to be shown, fondled and smooched in Camarillo and Santa Barbara on Thursday. Here's the full schedule.