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Laura Chick endorses Ron Galperin for controller

Ron Galperin

Kenna Love

Former city controller Laura Chick threw her support behind Ron Galperin's campaign Thursday.

The fiery former city controller Laura Chick endorsed Ron Galperin Thursday in his race to become Los Angeles’ next fiscal watchdog.

Galperin is chair of the city's Commission on Revenue Efficiency and president of the city's Quality and Productivity Commission. He is running against Councilman Dennis Zine and former real estate executive Cary Brazeman for the controller's office. (Incumbent Controller Wendy Greuel is running for mayor.)

Chick said in her endorsement: “Too often Los Angeles' leaders have relied on poll tested sound-bite solutions rather than rolling up their sleeves and making the tough decisions to implement long-term solutions to improve the City's operations. Ron Galperin has the courage, energy and drive to take the City Controller's Office to that next level."


Carmen Trutanich, Laura Chick tangle in city attorney's race


Roberto (Bear) Guerra/KPCC

In an open letter, former City Controller Laura Chick calls City Attorney Carmen Trutanich, above, a liar and demagogue. His campaign responds that it's pure politics.

Most voters' attention is on November's presidential and Congressional races, but next Spring's city election is already generating some heat.

An open letter released Tuesday by former city controller Laura Chick, who was never one to hold her tongue, takes a shot at city attorney Carmen Trutanich.

In 2009, Chick was the controller and a vocal supporter of Trutanich, who was running for city attorney against then-Councilman Jack Weiss. She now says that was a “terrible mistake” in part because Trutanich did not support her position that the controller had the authority to audit programs housed in elected officials’ offices. 

“With this one breathtaking reversal, the so-called ‘People’s Attorney’ revealed himself to be a liar and demagogue, who would not only lie to me to gain my political support, but whose clear intention was to squash transparency and disallow the scrutiny of how taxpayers’ dollars are spent,” Chick wrote in her letter.