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High-profile Latinos come out in support of Eric Garcetti

Eric Garcetti

Eric Garcetti campaign

Mayoral candidate Eric Garcetti is of Latino heritage on his father's side.

A former justice of the California Supreme Court headlines a list of high-profile Latinos in support of Councilman Eric Garcetti’s run for mayor of Los Angeles. 

Garcetti is the only major mayoral candidate who can claim some Latino heritage. (Despite the Italian surname, he is Mexican on his father’s side of the family.) Garcetti has often spoken of spending time as a boy with his grandparents in Boyle Heights.

In his endorsement letter, Justice Carlos Moreno points out that relatives of his and Garcetti's once lived near each other in Mexico. 

The list of 100 supporters includes:

  • Rigoberto Arrechiga, president, Mexican American Bar Association
  • Former Lt. Gov. Cruz Bustamante
  • Sal Castro, Education Advocate
  • Jorge Corralejo, chairman & CEO, Latino Business Chamber of Greater Los Angeles
  • Alex Gallardo-Rooker, vice chair, California Democratic Party
  • Salma Hayek, actress


DA Steve Cooley to back Kevin James for mayor of Los Angeles

Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images

District Attorney Steve Cooley will endorse Kevin James for mayor tomorrow at a City Hall news conference.

District Attorney Steve Cooley will endorse attorney Kevin James for mayor of Los Angeles Friday at a City Hall news conference, the campaign announced today.

When James first announced his candidacy in the spring of 2011, Cooley made a cameo appearance but declined to make an official endorsement at the time. This is easily James’ biggest endorsement to date. 

The James campaign has raised $222,000, according to the latest fundraising report filed with the Ethics Commission. (The next fundraising reporting window closes Sunday.) That’s in contrast to the other mayoral candidates, Controller Wendy Greuel and Councilman Eric Garcetti, whose campaigns have each raised $2.2 million. Councilwoman Jan Perry has $1.1 million in the bank for her campaign.

Though the mayoral race is non-partisan, James and Cooley are fellow Republicans.


Eric Garcetti plays mayor of Los Angeles on the big screen

Eric Garcetti

Eric Garcetti campaign

L.A. City Councilman Eric Garcetti is running for mayor, and he's playing the mayor of Los Angeles in the new film "End of Watch."

Los Angeles City Councilman Eric Garcetti wants to be mayor so badly that he’s playing the role in a movie — seriously.

Garcetti appears as the mayor of Los Angeles in the new film, “End of Watch,” which stars Jake Gyllenhaal and Michael Peña as LAPD officers who “patrol the meanest streets of south central Los Angeles,” according to the film’s website. (On IMDB, Garcetti is listed as playing himself.)

Anyone who donates $50 or more to Garcetti’s campaign by noon on Saturday will be eligible for a chance to attend a screening of the film with the councilman and Gyllenhaal, who has donated to Garcetti's campaign. 

It’s not the first time Garcetti has played mayor of Los Angeles. A year ago he popped up on TNT’s “The Closer.” The councilman's father, former District Attorney Gil Garcetti, is a consulting producer on the series. Of course, when Eric Garcetti was city council president, he got to be the acting mayor – for real – whenever Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa was out of town. 


With Zev out, what happens to Caruso, Greuel and Garcetti?

Supervisor Zev Yaroslavsky

Andres Aguila/KPCC

For two of the leading candidates in the race to be mayor of Los Angeles, Zev Yaroslavsky's decision not to run is seen as a win. Developer Rick Caruso, meanwhile, is still considering a run, though Yaroslavsky's decision isn't a factor, according to a source.

Los Angeles County Supervisor Zev Yaroslavsky's decision not to run for mayor may have been a win for two of the leading candidates, but for a billionaire sitting on the sidelines, the news seemed to have little effect.

Developer Rick Caruso is still "strongly considering" a run to succeed Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa, according to a source close to Caruso. However, Yaroslavsky’s news, "really has no bearing."

"It's never been about that. It's been about whether he thinks it's the right thing to do."

The source told KPCC an increased number of folks have contacted Caruso since last Thursday's news, encouraging him to jump into the race. Austin Beutner had been the business community's favored candidate, but he left the race in May.

Yaroslavsky's early morning announcement was a starter pistol for Controller Wendy Greuel, who assembled a list of the supervisor's supporters almost immediately. Though some had already given money to Greuel, the controller said she now has public declarations of support.