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House guts funding for Dreamers executive order; Senate likely to put it back

UCLA Dreamers

Roberto (Bear) Guerra

Two undocumented students hug as they are about to graduate from UCLA last year

The House of Representatives has voted to cut funding to President Obama's initiative allowing undocumented immigrants or "Dreamers" to stay in the United States. 

The GOP-led House voted 224-201 in favor of an amendment to the Homeland Security appropriations bill that forbids spending on the policy that exercises "prosecutorial discretion with respect to individuals who came to this country as children." 

Last June, President Obama issued an executive order that postpones for two years the deportation of undocumented immigrants who came to the U.S. before they were 16 years old, are currently younger than 31, without criminal records, and are high school graduates or in school or the military. 

Riverside Democrat Mark Takano compared the amendment to California's Proposition 187  - the 1994 voter-approved measure that denied many state services to undocumented immigrants. He said Prop 187 turned many California Latinos away from the Republican Party for more than a generation.


State Sen. Ron Calderon and his brother have ties to local water district (Updated)

Violence School Lessons

Rich Pedroncelli/AP

The Sacramento offices of state Sen. Ron Calderon, D-Montebello, were searched by the FBI this week. The FBI would not disclose the reason for the investigation.

California state Sen. Ron Calderon, whose Sacramento offices were raided Tuesday by the FBI, has personal and legislative ties to the Central Basin Municipal Water District — a public agency that is also under federal scrutiny.
The former owner of a Southern California water conservation consulting firm says he was sought out twice this year by the FBI for information about the water district, which serves various cities in southeast L.A. County, including Calderon's base in Montebello.

In recent years, Calderon introduced a bill that would have benefited the district and argued against another piece of legislation that the agency opposed. 

All the while, the water district was paying consulting fees to Calderon's brother, former California state legislator Tom Calderon.

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Maven's Morning Coffee: FBI raid not a surprise in Sacramento, DCFS needs more social workers, USC parking plan delayed

Violence School Lessons

Rich Pedroncelli/AP

The Sacramento Bee reports that folks are not surprised that state Sen. Ron Calderon's office received a visit from federal authorities.

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Today is Thursday, June 6, and here is what's happening in Los Angeles:


The Sacramento Bee finds not many people were surprised when state Sen. Ron Calderon's office was raided by the FBI. "He has definitely been a public official who enjoys the perks of being a public official," according to a rep for Common Cause. Capitol Alert also clarifies that federal authorities did not search the Latino Legislative Caucus office.

The Calderon investigation was also the subject of last night's Which Way, LA?


House conservatives weigh in on Senate immigration bill

Freshman Congress

Kitty Felde/KPCC

Freshman Congressman Doug LaMalfa (R-Redding) says it might be easier to pass immigration reform in pieces

Conservative House Republicans raked the Senate immigration proposal over the coals at a lunch meeting Wednesday. The meeting featured one of the orchestrators of that bill, Senator Marco Rubio of Florida. 

The closed door meeting of the Republican Study Group reportedly produced no fireworks, but lots of criticism. Most want to see tougher language on border security. The lawmakers in the Study Group also debated whether immigration reform should be tackled issue by issue.

California Central Valley Congressman Jeff Denham is a member of the Study Group. He's a big picture guy and says he believes "very strongly we have to have a comprehensive bill. There are too many different pieces to this that affect different segments of California." Pieces like temporary visas for both agricultural and high tech workers, for example.


Updated: FBI raids offices of California state Sen. Ron Calderon (map, chart)

California Lawmaker Searched

Rich Pedroncelli/AP

A pair of FBI agent are let into the Capitol office of state Sen. Ron Calderon, D-Montebello, by Senate Chief Sgt.-at-Arms Tony Beard, center, after a search warrant was served Tuesday, June 4, 2013.

California Lawmaker Searched

Rich Pedroncelli/AP

An FBI agent carries out a box as he leaves the Capitol office of State Sen. Ron Calderon, D-Montebello, in Sacramento, Calif., Tuesday, June 4, 2013.

Map of State Senate District 30

Update 11:59 a.m.: Latino Caucus office wasn't searched by FBI

Officials with the California state Legislature previously said that the offices of the Latino Caucus were searched by the FBI Tuesday, along with state Sen. Ron Calderon's office, but state Senate Chief Sergeant-at-Arms Tony Beard issued a statement Wednesday saying that both offices searched belong to Calderon.

Calderon’s second office is in the state-owned Legislative Office Building, across the street from his other office in the State Capitol. Many legislators have second offices in the Legislative Office Building.

Beard said in a statement that the reason one of the offices was mistakenly identified as belonging to the Latino Caucus was due to an outdated room number roster — the Caucus moved into new offices earlier this year, according to Beard.