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Did you know? California Election Day facts, figures & trivia

General Election - Grant

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Matt Caudillo casts his vote while his daughter looks on at Yorkdale Elementary School in Highland Park on November 6, 2012

Election Day Voting Polling

Mae Ryan/KPCC

Voters fill out ballots at the McDonald's Play Room in Hollywood on November 6th, 2012.

Polls AO 6

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Voters slowly made their way into the voting booths for the 2012 presidential election at Grace Church Of Orange in Orange, Calif., Tuesday, November 6, 2012.

General Election - Grant

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Misbah Dadabhoy prepares to cast her vote in the general election at Southwestern Academy in San Marino on November 6, 2012

General Election - Grant

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Gloria Reyes leaves a polling station at Yorkdale Elementary School in Highland Park after casting her vote in the general election on November 6, 2012.

General Election - Grant

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Emmet Tompkins of San Marino casts his ballot at a polling place in San Marino.

General Election - Grant

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A house in South Pasadena flies a banner of support for presidential candidate Mitt Romney.

Election Day Voting Polling 16:9

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Voters fill out ballots at the The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints in Hollywood on November 6th, 2012.

Election Day Voting Polling

Mae Ryan/KPCC

Voters in Hollywood vote at the Fire Station 6 on November 6th, 2012.

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Rhys Buchele, left, and Serena Cline wait in line to vote at the George G. Golleher Alumni House during the 2012 presidential elections at Cal State University, Fullerton in Fullerton, Calif., Tuesday, November 6, 2012. Local residents were given a chance to vote at the polling location at the university campus.

After today's election, registrars of voter will be busy tonight counting ballots and sharing tallies with the public. Can't wait to have some fun with Election Day numbers? Here are some early "returns," courtesy of the Secretary of State:

  • 18,245,970 is the number of Californians registered to vote for the November 6 election. 
  • The U.S. Postal Service must be happy this month: County elections officials report that they issued 9.1 million vote-by-mail ballots. That's a lot of envelope-licking.
  • About 51% of all California voters are expected to vote-by-mail this election. If true, it would be the first time the number of mail-in ballots surpasses the number of ballots cast in precincts in the state, according to AP.
  • We have 24,491 precincts throughout the state’s 58 counties, ranging from schools to garages in homes.


Maven's Morning Coffee: More problems for the sheriff, Congressional races to watch, Measure V in Orange County

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The Los Angeles Times reports that promotions were manipulated within the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department.

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Today is Tuesday, Nov. 6, and here is what's happening in Los Angeles:


Promotions within the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department may have been manipulated, according to the Los Angeles Times. "Retired Sheriff's Chief Ronnie Williams said that about 2004, Paul Tanaka and Larry Waldie — the current and former undersheriffs — ordered him 'to make sure certain individuals were promoted to lieutenant and certain individuals were not promoted to lieutenant'," according to the newspaper.

KPCC has a rundown of the Congressional races to watch tonight.


California results: Dense fog sends LA County ballots to Puente Hills Mall instead of vote counting center

12:10 a.m. Mary Bono Mack holds narrow lead in early returns; about a dozen California House seats up for grabs

About a dozen House races from San Diego to Sacramento remained hotly contested Tuesday as early returns showed political incumbents in a handful of California districts maintaining a razor-thin edge.

The state’s congressional races drew intense interest from national Democrats and Republicans alike this year, after California’s independent redistricting process transformed them from gerrymandered strongholds to free-for-alls in which once-safe, long-serving lawmakers fought for their political lives.

In one of the newly drawn districts in the rural San Joaquin Valley, early returns showed freshman Republican Rep. Jeff Denham staving off his Democratic challenger, former NASA astronaut Jose Hernandez.


CA Congressional races to watch Tuesday night

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The bitter intra-party contest between Democrats Howard Berman, left, and Brad Sherman is just one of many California Congressional races to watch on election night.

California's citizen-drawn redistricing plan has done its job, shaking up the political establishment in the state's 53 Congressional districts. The state's top-two rule has created half-a-dozen races with candidates from the same party facing off Tuesday.


36th Congressional District — Coachella Valley:

Republican incumbent Mary Bono Mack faces emergency room physician, Democrat Raul Ruiz. The Democrats' Congressional PAC has targeted this race. The GOP is pouring money in as well. As of mid-October, the two sides had raised more than $2.5 million, outside of PAC money. The redrawn district has a slight majority of Republicans, but a lot of independent voters as well, and a large Latino population. The race has turned nasty, with accusations of tax evasion on one side and radical politics on the other. The Cook Political Report says the race is too close to call.


Last-minute mailer lists Democrat Rep. Laura Richardson as Republican; campaign calls it 'dirty politics'

Reps. Laura Richardson, left, and Janice Hahn, right, face each other in the race for Congress' 44th District.

Just days before Tuesday's election, a California congresswoman has changed political parties — or at least that's what mail from a former councilman landing at voters' homes says.

Rep. Laura Richardson's campaign was outraged Monday after residents in her Los Angeles-area district received mail labeling her a Republican in her race against fellow Democratic Rep. Janice Hahn.

Richardson is — and has been — a Democrat.

Spokeswoman Jasmyne Cannick tells the Los Angeles Times the mailers amount to "dirty politics."

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The mailer lists several offices with recommendations.

Under the section labeled "44th District," it lists Hahn as a Democrat and Richardson as a Republican.

The ads were sent by a former Los Angeles councilman who once worked for Hahn's late father. Nate Holden tells the newspaper the error was unintentional and he regrets it.