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Maven's Morning Coffee: LAPD claim, Q&A with Garcetti, lawsuit in Bell

Los Angeles Police Foundation's 10th Annual Fundraising Gala

Toby Canham/Getty Images

An LAPD captain has filed a claim against the Los Angeles Police Department for allegedly being demoted without cause.

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Today is Wednesday, Sept. 5, and here is what's happening in Los Angeles:


A Los Angeles Police Department captain who was demoted following his handling of a use-of-force case in the Foothill Division has filed a claim against police Chief Charlie Beck, reports NBC 4. Capt. Joseph Hiltner says he was demoted and transferred without cause. Last week, Beck announced the captain would be disciplined for failing to discipline his own officers after they threw a handcuffed to the ground.

L.A. City Councilman Eric Garcetti does a Q&A with Los Angeles Magazine for his mayoral campaign. Asked whether there are folks who don't like him, Garcetti says he got pushback on the Silver Lake Meadow Park and CicLAvia. "There is nothing more unpopular than messing with someone’s street. You can say that it’s puppy dogs, but it’s not out there. It’s warfare. We’ve got big problems to solve," Garcetti says.


Xavier Becerra gets bumped from Tuesday night DNC lineup — to primetime

Mercer 20221

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Becerra's speech was bumped Tuesday night, but there appears to be a happy ending.

They bumped Congressman Xavier Becerra's speech Tuesday night, but there appears to be a happy ending.

The L.A. Democrat was scheduled to speak just before 9 p.m. (Eastern time), but — Democrats being Democrats — they were running late.  And suddenly Becerra disappeared from the schedule.  They skipped him.

Becerra was asked to be the good soldier and sit down tonight.  This from a Democratic official:

“Due to the overwhelming enthusiasm in the arena and extended applauses, Rep. Becerra generously agreed to move his speech to Thursday.”

There's a silver lining to the rainy day story. Becerra's speech has been rescheduled to the night most Americans watch a convention: the night the President speaks, Thursday night. 

Another Democratic Latino in the spotlight.


Whipping up the delegates at the DNC

Kitty Felde/KPCC

A "whip" rallies party delegates at the Democratic National Convention in Charlotte, NC.

It's the oddest sight—the dancing "whips."

The California delegation is massive: 609 people packed into the back quadrant, right behind the CNN broadcast space. Surrounding the delegation are more than a dozen men and women wearing neon yellow vests with orange stripes. They look like crossing guards or perhaps highway workers. But they're not, they're "whips" — charged with whipping up the crowd on the convention floor.

Early in the convention, they worked en masse like a cheerleading team, urging the delegation to dance, chant, and "make some noise." 

The leader of the pack is Shawn Bagley of Salinas. He stands below the delegation, waving his arms, pointing his fingers, orchestrating the delegates' responses. 

Bagley says it's improv. He "makes stuff up" as he goes along.

And he's fiercely competitive. He calls other states "rookies." He says Texas made some noise and it was "pretty impressive," but he hasn't heard the New York delegation do anything. "California's been whupping everybody," he says. "We're the best!"


Labor Secretary Hilda Solis hangs with the CA delegation

U.S, Labor Secretary and LA native Hilda Solis is attending the Democratic National Convention as a delegate

The California delegation can count among its members more than a half-dozen House members, the mayors of most of the state’s largest cities, even a cabinet secretary. U.S. Labor Secretary and L.A. native Hilda Solis says it's right where she belongs.

You might be surprised to find Solis in the cheap seats, though she's not complaining. "This means a lot," she says. "This is the base. This is where you never forget where you come from. And it’s an honor to be here."  She adds it’s a privilege to sit right under the California sign.

Solis is no stranger to political conventions. She says she attended her first Democratic convention as a delegate back in 1984.


Hollywood delegate complains about lack of child care at the DNC, enlists Villaraigosa's help

Kitty Felde/KPCC

DNC delegate Susie Shannon with her daughter Grace. Susie is protesting the lack of childcare at the DNC.

The ladies were highlighted at Tuesday morning’s California delegation breakfast, with Sen. Barbara Boxer and Georgetown law student Sandra Fluke talking about women’s health issues and what they call the "GOP war on women." But one California Democratic delegate has a problem with her own party.

Susie Shannon is a delegate from Hollywood. She came to the Democratic National Convention with her 4-year-old daughter Gracie. Shannon’s beef: The DNC didn’t provide child care on-site at the convention arena.

According to Shannon, there are at least half a dozen small children in Charlotte with the California delegation alone. Last week's Republican National Convention TV coverage included lots of close-up shots of cute children on the convention floor. But delegates aren’t allowed to bring those babies or toddlers with them unless the child also has a floor pass.