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Cloris: One-Woman Show

It's another busy day in Studio G. I'm producing underwriting spots, previewing music, and finishing up some spots for the membership department. A production request from the underwriting department came in featuring Cloris Leachman's one-woman show coming to the Lewis Family Playhouse in Rancho Cucamonga August 6-8. This time I cast the voice-over part to one of our talented Minnesota voices, Steve Seel. Now you would think choosing a music bed would be a slam dunk for a spot about Cloris. I have admired Ms. Leachman for many years. Off I went on my search to find the perfect music bed. Now some remember Cloris most as the zany, self-centered Phyllis on the Mary Tyler Moore Show. Then I had to check out Cloris in her hilarious role as Frau Blucher in Young Frankenstein.

Which then led me to her conically breasted Nurse Diesel in High Anxiety. Did I want to use audio from her role as the awesomely prejudiced grandmother in Malcolm In The Middle? And then there was her gracious fluidity with Shakespeare’s lines when she played opposite Katharine Hepburn on Broadway in As You Like It and her soaring success on Broadway as Nellie Forbush, the singing lead in South Pacific.

Now I am having way too many choices, loads of great sound bites and of course, no one can forget Cloris' recent appearance on ABC TV's Dancing with the Stars. Her participation on the show was one of the highlights of the television season.

In contrast to these lighthearted performances are Cloris’ superb dramatic performances. She won an Oscar for her role as Ruth Popper, the emotionally barren woman in The Last Picture Show.
Ms. Leachman has dined with presidents and prime ministers, senators and congressmen; has worked with the great talents of the entertainment industry, Cloris has lived an exciting life. She gave birth to four boys and a girl, and lost one of her sons to drugs. Now a grandmother and a great grandmother, Cloris has known both exhilaration and tears in her family life.

Her one-woman show draws from the magical moments of her life, both professionally and personally. I finally found a tune called Tango Smarm by J. Studer for her underwriting spot here on 89.3 KPCC. For more information about Cloris: A One Woman Show, go to www.lewisfamilyplayhouse.com.