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"You've Got Mail!"

Yes, I do and I enjoy receiving music from all over the world.  A sample of what I received today includes Mel Melton & the Wicked Mojos - Louisana Dance Hall Music http://www.myspace.com/wickedmojos, Yo Mama's Big Fat Booty Band Greatest Hips Volume Two (yes, "Hips" not "Hits") http://bootyband.com , Sharon Jones & The Dap-Kings , just to mention a few of the CDs.

One of the things I do 24/7 is listen to music always.  It's part of my nature and a big part of my job. There is such a thing called Bumper music or a bump. It is a term used in the radio broadcasting industry to refer to short clips of music used to buffer transitions between programming elements. Bumper music is commonly employed when a syndicated program takes a break for local station identification or "goes to commercial" or in the public radio realm referred to as underwriting spots. It is also called rejoiner music."  Today I previewed some of these submissions to possibly use for bumpers./p>

This job takes me down many rabbit holes as I constantly search for music for production which includes promo pieces, underwriting spots, station IDs, testimonials, bumpers, etc. I like all music genres, sounds and look for unusual arrangements and instrumentation.  I don't like  poor audio production quality or the musicians or vocalists performing out-of-tune. I move on to the next cut in a heartbeat.


Playing Sharon Jones and the Dap-Kings CD right now. After a little internet searching, I learn that Sharon Jones and her band are widely considered to be at the forefront of a revivalist movement that aims to recapture the feeling of soul and funk music as it was at its height in the late 1960s to mid 1970s. Despite trying to forge a career as a professional singer since an early age, it has only been in her middle age that Jones has experienced breakthrough success.   A regular gospel singer in church, Jones often entered talent shows backed by local funk bands in the early 1970s. She receivied a mid-life career break in 1996 after she appeared on a session backing soul and deep funk legend Lee Fields. Ms Jones is 54 years old. She is living her dream and I want to thank her for sending her awesome music my way. For you, the blog reader, may you enjoy her sounds too.