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RAD Music by Composer, Dan Radlauer

Ants rank with bees in a manner to describe busyness.  Well, Studio G here at the Mohn Broadcast Center was certainly humming and buzzing with music today.  But, I work alone here in Studio G. Maybe I can relate more to the expression "like a squirrel in a cage--always in action."  Studio G is not a cage, though.  It is my realization of a dream come true to work in a perfect studio. It was a team effort with many people fundraising, caring, listening to this station and wanting it all to be the best quality.  

I am grateful to all that put their energies into not only making Studio G into a reality, but also the entire entity called Southern California Public Radio.  In light of that thought, I guess I don't really work alone, it takes an entire staff to collectively create SCPR on a daily basis. 

So what's on my production plate today?  Our underwriting team has been busy and the production requests are coming in.  I'm happy to report that Southern California Edison has renewed their support of SCPR. I have the scripts and have cast our crew of voice talents.  

I am the diligent detective in the sedulous pursuit of matching just the right music beds for this new series of underwriting spots. I've been asked in the past how I select the music for these productions.  I have many resources to choose from.  I could listen to music all day and all night for the rest of my life, but this is radio and there are deadlines. 

Today, it comes to my "sound mind" remembering a musician/composer named Dan Radlauer.  When people think about making a donation to public radio, generally that gift would be of a dollar amount. We fundraise throughout the year and wouldn't exist if it wasn't for all of those generous donations. We appreciate that more than my words can express.

I want to share with you about a man, Dan Radlauer, who has donated hundreds of melodies, "musical dust bunnies" as he calls them, and happy mistakes to the KPCC Production Department.  Today I can say thank you to him thru this blog for countless music beds that Dan has offered for consideration.   His buckets of musical material  hit the mark time and time again. Radlauer's music can be heard on five Southen California Edison underwriting spots that will air during 2010-2011. 

(Radlauer composed the music for this video example of his work.)

Dan Radlauer was born in Los Angeles. He is the son of children's book authors Ed and Ruth Radlauer who have published over 250 books. He currently lives in Brentwood, Calif., and has two children. He started playing music at 8 with guitar and later learned piano, bass, accordion and various other stringed instruments. His first 15 years of professional composing was in the area of TV and radio commercials where he composed music for companies including Coke, Mattel, Nissan and Pizza Hut.

In 2001 Dan Radlauer moved more into music scoring for TV and film. He has composed the music for numerous reality TV shows including "For the Love Of Ray J," "Ruby," "Flavor of Love," and "The Surreal Life."

He also contributed to the score for "The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor." He has scored numerous independent feature length movies and documentaries including "The Reflecting Pool," "Bad Guys," "Pip and Zastro," and "Thunder Geniuses."

Official Website: http://www.radmusic.net

(Audio is Southern California Edison underwriting spot with SCPR voice talent, Rita Pardue and music composed by Dan Radlauer.)