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Festival of Children Celebrates National Child Awareness Month

Once upon a time in my radio career, my entire focus was on providing quality radio programming for children.  When I think of all of the hard work earning that BA in Radio, TV, Broadcasting and continuing on to earn a Masters degree in Child Development--it was well worth it!.  There were countless hours of producing radio edutainment for the younger set. It was important to me to provide wholesome family programs for this niche market of children that really didn't have a voice on the air waves.

What a pleasure and honor it is today in Studio G at the Mohn Broadcast Center for me to produce an underwriting spot for the Festival of Children Foundation.  This is National Child Awareness Month. Festival of Children Foundation is hosting the 9th annual Festival of Children, a month-long program that connects children, charities and the community. http://www.festivalofchildren.org 

There will be many activities for the children. Among the groups performing include Lokelani's Rhythm Of The Islands. This ensemble offers contemporary Polynesian musical styling, vocal harmonies and features the Lokelani dancers. http://www.lokelanisroti.com

(Audio is Festival of Children underwriting spot featuring SCPR voice talent, Rita Pardue with an excerpt of music featuring Lokelani's Rhythm of the Islands.)