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Historically low teen birth rates and the pain of heartbreak: In health news today

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Teen birth rates are at a historic low, said federal health officials, which some experts attribute to more open conversations about teen pregnancy, contraception and abstinence.

In today's health news:

Teen birth rates are at a historic low, say federal health officials, and the number of babies being born prematurely or at a low birth weight is declining. U.S. News & World Report says experts attribute the drop in teen pregnancies partly to more open conversations about teen pregnancy, contraception and abstinence, and the decrease in preterm babies to better prenatal care.

The Department of Health & Human Services announced Monday that it recovered a record $4.2 billion in healthcare fraud investigations last year, with the help of the Department of Justice. The Hill says the feds claim to recover $7.90 for every dollar spent investigating health care fraud and abuse.

HealthDay reports on a new study which finds that the effects of exercise on a man's risk of prostate cancer may vary by race: Among white men, it appears to reduce the risk, but that same effect wasn't seen among black men.

The Food and Drug Administration has sent a diabetes drug called Tresiba back to trial, refusing to approve it until its manufacturers conduct extra tests for potential risks to heart health. According to the Chicago Tribune, the drug's makers said that sort of data won't be available for another two or three years.

Doctors are hopeful that a drug used to treat canker sores will be the key to treating obesity – even though it's only been tested in mice, which is no guarantee it'll work in humans. CNN says researchers gave obese mice the drug, called amlexanox, and saw them lose weight, without changing their diet or physical activity regimens.

And finally: The Los Angeles Times has a story about the physical, painful – and very real – symptoms of heartbreak.

Photo by Daniel Lobo via Flickr Creative Commons.

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