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A failed TB vaccine and teen pregnancy in NYC: In health news today

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Scott Ableman/Flickr Creative Commons

A doctor administers a shot to a young girl. A new tuberculosis vaccine failed in its efficacy trial, with only a 17 percent effectiveness rate. It was the first trial of a TB vaccine since 1921.

The latest effort in the fight against tuberculosis has failed, reports the BBC. A new vaccine, known as MVA85A, underwent a major trial and was found to have an effectiveness rate of 17 percent – which is so low that it's not statistically significant. It was the first efficacy trial of a TB vaccine since 1921.

On Friday, the Obama Administration proposed rules that would allow religious organizations to hand off the responsibility of providing birth control to their employees under the Affordable Care Act. HealthDay says the proposed rules demonstrate how such organizations – like Catholic hospitals or universities – could offer their workers separate contraceptive coverage through a third party. Under the new rules, neither the people being insured nor the religious organization would carry the cost.