"Good wine is a good familiar creature if it be well used."

All hail the almighty...wine spritzer?




When I was growing up in wine, there was nothing, and I mean nothing, more debased than the dreaded white wine spritzer. It was the quaff of the weak. Usually white wine with a squirt of soda water, sometimes garnished, sometimes not. I literally never consumed one — until I reached my mid-forties.

And there you have it. A wine spritzer is really a cocktail, but it's a cocktail that you can only really embrace as you age. Okay, sure, younger folks can take to the spritzers. Sure. But the point is that you don't want to be drinking Manhattans and Martinis in middle age, not all that often anyway. But you still like a nice cool drink with a tiny bit of a kick. Presto! Spritzer.

The key to a good spritzer, especially now that the cool weather is giving way to the warm, is to treat it like something to be mixed — a cocktail, not merely a handful of ice, half a glass of white wine (or red), and several splashes of soda.