Will Schwalbe's End of Your Life Book Club

People join book clubs for all sorts of reasons — to read more, to meet new people, to get out of the house.

Arnold Schwarzenegger admits 'hot affair' with Brigitte Nielsen

In his memoir "Total Recall," coming out Monday, Schwarzenegger writes that their "fling" only made him realize that he wanted to marry Maria Shriver.

Bob Balaban introduces kids to 'The Creature from the 7th Grade'

Actor Bob Balaban discusses his latest children's book series, "The Creature from the 7th Grade," about a nerdy kid who suddenly finds himself resembling a giant mutant sea creature.

Author Susan Straight fictionalizes Riverside in trilogy

Write what you know. It's a dictum you'll hear from virtually every creative writing teacher, and something that novelist Susan Straight takes to heart.

Hedrick Smith asks 'Who Stole The American Dream?'

Veteran journalist Hedrick Smith examines the roots of our current economic and political problems in his new book, "Who Stole the American Dream?"

'Downton Abbey' cookbook lets you feast like the Crawleys

Can't wait for season 3 of Downton Abbey? Maybe 'The Unofficial Downton Abbey Cookbook," by Emily Ansara Baines will keep you satisfied until the January premiere.

Downtown LA's 5th and Flower may become Ray Bradbury Square

The cross-streets selected to honor Bradbury surround the downtown L.A. Central Library, where the "Fahrenheit 451" and "The Martian Chronicles" author spent a lot of time.

Junot Diaz reflects on love in his latest book

In Pulitzer Prize-winning novelist Junot Diaz's latest book, "This is How You Lose Her," he reflects on love and the immigrant experience.

Paul Tough examines how children do (and don't) succeed

As the war over teacher compensation wages on, are schools properly educating children? That's what author Paul Tough tries to analyze in his new book, "How Children Succeed: Grit, Curiosity, and the Hidden Power of Character."

A look inside the complicated life of David Foster Wallace

D.T. Max's “Every Love Story is a Ghost Story,” chronicles David Foster Wallace's life from growing up in the Midwest in the 1970s to his unexpected suicide four years ago.

'Barrios to Burbs' examines middle-class Mexican American families

Moving up the social ladder isn't easy for anyone, but the path to the middle-class is more difficult for those of Mexican-American descent.

City seeking nominations for two-year post

Los Angeles has a job opening for a poet. The city is creating the position of poet laureate, and it is seeking nominations until Oct. 10.

Book Review: Captain Underpants' latest adventure

After an absence of six years, the amazing (if scantily clad) Captain Underpants returns in "Captain Underpants and the Terrifying Return of Tippy Tinkletrousers."

SketchTravel: 71 artists collaborate on a sketch book that traveled 75,000 miles

SketchTravel: 71 artists, 75,000 miles, 1 sketch book -- and so far -- 4 libraries in SE Asia. Charles Solomon and Paul Felix tell John Rabe about it.

NPR executive and author on how 80s rock saved his life

In his new book, NPR programming executive Eric Nuzum says bands like Talking Heads, Laurie Anderson and KISS were the soundtrack to his chaotic past.

How to restore the 'American dream'

What is the “American dream?” Is it a big house and two cars in the garage? A big screen TV? Education and a stable job?