Indicted State Sen. Leland Yee withdraws from Secretary of State race

Because of state election guidelines, his name will still appear on the ballot. A Senate vote to suspend the Bay Area lawmaker is scheduled for Friday morning.

Poll finds majority in California support water bond

The drought is affecting prospects for a bond measure on the November ballot. The poll also finds continuing support for high-speed rail, but a slight dip in approval for legalizing marijuana.

Condor released into Big Sur wilderness

Biologists with the Ventana Wildlife Society released the bird into the Big Sur wilderness around 10 a.m. Tuesday. The release was broadcast live.

Dodgers top spender, ending Yanks' 15-year streak

The Dodgers are ending the Yankees' 15-year streak as baseball's biggest spenders and as of Tuesday had a projected payroll of $235 million.

Viewed by itself, Pacific Islander experience looks very different

The Pacific Islander experience diverges from the Asian-American one when it comes to issues such as education and health

Are new fracking regulations in California enough?

California is instituting what some call the nation's toughest regulations for the oil extraction process known as hydraulic fracturing. But some say they don't go far enough.

Freeing up California's prisons: A massive undertaking

California's strategy for reducing its prison population involves shifting more responsibility for recurring and ex-offenders on local communities.

California Marine base may lose 8 percent of personnel

Officials at the Marine Corps Air Ground Combat Center say they could lose 8 percent of their personnel as part of the expected drawdown of troops in Afghanistan.

Settlement talks underway on who pays for San Onofre nuclear plant

Edison International says in a filing that it's meeting with state regulators March 27 to talk about a settlement deal on costs for the closed San Onofre nuclear plant.

SCA 5: A political coming-of-age story for Chinese-Americans

The SCA 5 episode demonstrates that Chinese-Americans, despite the majority being foreign-born, have reached a level of political maturity where they can marshal forces statewide quickly, and deftly apply political pressure.

Long, hot winter puts Western fire officials on edge

As much of California remains in a state of extreme drought, worried eyes are turning toward the coming fire season — which is expected to be particularly destructive.

Study finds sparks from golf clubs ignite fires

Results from a UC Irvine study confirm that titanium alloy clubs were the cause of at least two blazes on local golf courses, an Orange County fire captain says.

2 killed after news helicopter crashes near Seattle's Space Needle

At least two people were killed and one was injured when a news helicopter came down on several cars. Witnesses say it may have tumbled from atop a nearby building.

Affirmative action bill SCA 5 'dead for the year'

A legislative plan to ask California voters whether they want affirmative action reinstated at public universities is not going forward this year.

California drought hurts Central Valley blackbird

California's tenacious drought is imperiling the tri-colored blackbird in state's Central Valley.

Navy's Blue Angels return to skies over El Centro

The Blue Angels headed back into the wild blue yonder a year after budget cuts grounded the Navy's famous daredevil fliers.