LA gas prices at $4.05 a gallon, highest in Calif. (MAP)

Southern California gas prices have surpassed $4 a gallon for self-serve regular. The average price in Los Angeles County is $4.05, highest in California.

How much disparity is there among Asian Americans? Plenty

Korean Americans in Southern California are as likely to lack health insurance as Latinos. That's just one surprising detail from a report on Asian Americans in the state.

CA Supreme Court hears pot dispensary case

Justices appeared to favor the right of local governments to ban marijuana shops without circumventing state laws. A ruling is expected this Spring.

UPDATE: Feds inspecting tour bus in crash east of Los Angeles

The bus involved in Sunday's fatal crash in Yucaipa was cited four times – including twice for faulty brakes. It's hard for riders to find that information from the NTSB, which is now investigating.

Southland Boy Scout troop dropped 'no gays' policy years ago (Photos)

This week, the Boy Scouts of America could drop its policy of banning gay scouts or scout leaders. But one troop in Southern California took that step years ago.

Calif. Supreme Court holds hearing on marijuana dispensaries

The court's decision could go a long way towards settling the issue of how local governments regulate the dispensaries.

More diversity among Asian Americans than meets the myth

A new report details how the nation's fastest-growing racial group is extremely diverse, socioeconomically, linguistically and otherwise.

CA Supreme Court could clear legal haze on pot shops

Cities, counties and medical marijuana advocates have a lot at stake when the state Supreme Court considers the regulatory power of local governments.

Late '50s San Diego power plant is imploded [Video]

The implosion early Saturday — which had been months in the planning — turned the mighty structure into a smoking heap of concrete. The goal is to one day turn the site into a park.

LA County will accept e-mail protests to stormwater fee

The county’s public works department is making it possible for people to protest a controversial property fee stormwater plan via email, after an outcry.

MAP: LA gasoline prices reaching $4 a gallon, highest in Calif.

At an average $3.91 a gallon, Los Angeles has the highest gasoline prices in California. Orange County has the third highest after prices jumped 30 cents in 30 days.

New prisons boss ready to end federal oversight

Jeff Beard once testified about inadequate healthcare in California's prisons. He now says the system is meeting federal standards.

UPDATE: Bomb making materials found at Riverside home

Federal authorities are examining a house in Riverside loaded with possible explosives. They have resumed their search of the home Thursday morning.

Calif. wins extension to reduce prison crowding

California fails to meet prison population cap, but judges gave the state a six-month extension.

New gold rush has little luster for some in the Golden State

Companies are reopening mines that have been shut down for decades, but past experiences with environmental damage have made some communities leery of gold diggers.

State senator proposes California earthquake warning system

Warning times would range from a few seconds to tens of seconds – enough time for people to take cover or begin shutting down systems that could be damaged.