UPDATE: Bomb making materials found at Riverside home

Federal authorities are examining a house in Riverside loaded with possible explosives. They have resumed their search of the home Thursday morning.

Calif. wins extension to reduce prison crowding

California fails to meet prison population cap, but judges gave the state a six-month extension.

New gold rush has little luster for some in the Golden State

Companies are reopening mines that have been shut down for decades, but past experiences with environmental damage have made some communities leery of gold diggers.

State senator proposes California earthquake warning system

Warning times would range from a few seconds to tens of seconds – enough time for people to take cover or begin shutting down systems that could be damaged.

State hasn’t bought land for bullet train route's July construction

Construction of California’s high-speed rail network is set to start in July, but the state still has not purchased any land along the route.

Giants fan beaten at Dodger Stadium back in the hospital

Bryan Stow's family posted a note on their website that said he suffered a large blood clot in his thigh and pelvis that could have been fatal.

Obama and Hispanic Caucus meet on immigration reform

Since his re-election, President Obama has vowed to work with lawmakers - including the Congressional Hispanic Caucus - on comprehensive immigration reform.

Demand for guns rose sharply in California in 2012

The demand for guns reached historic highs in California last year. Who's buying all these firearms and why?

Gov. Brown puts a price tag on protecting major water supply

One part of his State of the Speech that didn't get applause: a $14 billion plan to protect water that flows from the Delta throughout the state.

California will be majority Latino by end of year

The growth trend among Latinos in California holds big political, economic and social implications for the state - and for the rest of the country

UPDATE: Gov. Brown spells out goals in State of the State address (Video)

Brown addressed reform of K-12 education funding, the need for the higher education systems to hold down costs, promotion of high-speed rail and new water tunnels. View the speech.

All eyes and ears on Governor's State of the State

California's movers and shakers have a long list of legislative priorities they'll be listening for in Jerry Brown's address to lawmakers.

Family of ex-Charger Junior Seau sues NFL over brain injuries

It says the NFL hid the dangers of repetitive blows to the head and accuses it of deliberately ignoring and concealing evidence of the risks associated with traumatic brain injuries.

Oakland hires former LAPD chief Bratton as consultant

Critics worry Bratton will suggest a stop-and-frisk policy that could lead to racial profiling. City leaders reiterated that such profiling would not be tolerated.

Manti Te'o: I lied after learning 'girlfriend' was a hoax

The Notre Dame football star tells Katie Couric he was the victim of a hoax. He also admits he perpetuated the myth after discovering she had never been real.

As US shivers in cold, Southern California basks in record heat

Enjoy it while it lasts because the winter heat spell may be easing. The National Weather Service says low pressure is forecast to move in, lowering temperatures.