33 new species of spiders identified, 3 in Joshua Tree, 1 named after Bono

Jason Bond of Auburn University has identified 33 new species of trapdoor spider. He named two of the spiders after Indian tribes and one, A. bonoi, after Bono.

Report: California not ready to control prison mental health

A federal overseer says it's too soon for California to retake control of its prison mental health system, dealing a blow to a proposal made by Gov. Jerry Brown last week.

UC President Mark Yudof to step down in August

"I feel it is time to make a change in my professional lifestyle," he said. The former law professor plans to return to teaching law on the UC Berkeley campus.

Should an undocumented immigrant be licensed to practice law?

Sergio Garcia, brought illegally to the U.S. as an infant, wants to practice law. The court's decision could set a new precedent.

California's 'melting pot accent': The migrant effect

As we collect samples of California accents from our audience, some have pointed to immigration and cultural diversity as an influence on how we speak.

Minivan crash kills 3 , injures 6 in Redlands

Authorities in Redlands are trying to find out what caused a deadly head-on collision this morning between two vehicles in a residential area.

CA officials ask: Are you prepared for the 'Big One'? (Photos)

On the 19th anniversary of the Northridge earthquake, a state agency reminds home owners and apartment dwellers how to prepare.

Census: Rise in Asian immigrants to California

There's a California population shift with Asian immigrants replacing Latinos as the primary source of the state's immigrants.

California lawmakers' proposals to thwart gun violence

President Obama has unveiled his plan to overhaul the nation’s gun laws. In California, which already has some of the nation’s toughest gun laws, lawmakers are moving forward with plans for more control.

Mayor: At least 1 more year of San Diego Chargers

The team has been linked to a new football stadium proposed by AEG for Downtown Los Angeles. It has said it wants to stay in San Diego, but they can opt out of the contract.

PHOTOS: NPS restores Native American graffiti on Alcatraz

In 1969, a group of Native Americans occupied Alcatraz for two years. It's a history written in graffiti that the National Park Service has been working to preserve.

Cold still grips Southland, but warming trend due

The cold snap that's had California farmers struggling to protect the $1.5 billion citrus crop is slowly starting to ease but freeze warnings remain in effect.

Leon Leyson, youngest Schindler list member, dies in CA

Leon Leyson, who was the youngest of 1,100 Jews saved from the Nazis by Oscar Schindler, has died in Southern California at 83.

Groups may buy Mt. Rubidoux cross site in Riverside County

Three Riverside non-profit groups have teamed up to bid on an iconic cross that’s been at the center of a legal battle over its display on public land.

Cold snap continues in CA, LA hits record 35 degrees

A cold snap continued Monday and growers in the Central Valley fought to protect citrus crops from overnight lows. Downtown LA dipped to a record 35 degrees early Monday.

Rooftop solar incentives get green light

Rooftop solar program, similar to successful ones in Germany and dozens of other countries, could ramp up rooftop solar energy production in LA.