Health union alliance could threaten larger rival

Two health care unions are joining forces in a move that could threaten the dominance of a powerful rival and lead to a new round of labor tensions.

New state law to let some immigrants get driver's licenses might have little effect

A new state law that allows some undocumented immigrants to apply for a driver's license might have little effect. Many had already applied.

Facebook blamed in part for California's $900M tax shortfall

California starts this year with nearly $1 billion less in tax revenue than expected. The shortfall results mostly from Facebook’s slumping stock price.

CA homeowners behind on payments get some mortgage relief

A new law went into effect January 1 giving troubled homeowners some protection when facing foreclosure. It is supposed to make it easier for people to modify mortgages.

UC Irvine course explores Vietnamese American oral history

Conducting and presenting oral histories reveals to UC Irvine students some ways that Vietnamese culture adapted when it arrived in America.

New laws: Driver's licenses, in-state OK for some immigrants

Two new California laws allow some undocumented immigrants to get a driver’s license and to apply for financial aid at public universities.

Fiscal Cliff could undermine prop 30's gains

A plunge over the 'fiscal cliff' could hurt California's effort to harness billions in Prop. 30 tax revenue to protect school funding and balance the state budget.

3 die in small plane crash in San Diego County

FAA spokesman Ian Gregor says the four-seat Lancair IV-P had departed from San Diego's Montgomery Field en route to Deer Valley Airport in Phoenix

California missions undergo upgrades to resist quakes

Conversion these days at the state's Spanish missions isn't only about religion; it's also about seismic retrofitting.

Nuclear Regulatory Commission wants more analysis at San Onofre

Federal regulators are asking for more information as they try to determine if the damaged San Onofre nuclear power plant should be restarted.

New Cottage Food Act lets home producers sell their goods, cuts red tape

Current laws prevented Grandma from selling trichinosis treats and prevented people from making and selling a long list of homemade food: dried fruit, nuts, and mole paste to name a few.

Entertainment's future: Hollywood vs. Silicon Valley

In the year about to end and the year ahead, the battle between Silicon Valley and Hollywood for entertainment supremacy is a constant.

World's tallest thermometer: Death Valley landmark deemed roadside eyesore

A giant thermometer built to attract motorists headed to and from Las Vegas has become an eyesore and residents in Baker, Calif., are divided about whether to take the landmark down.

CA official says payroll system in chaos

California's state controller's office says a $371 million overhaul of the government payroll system is heading for collapse.

Court blocks California law banning gay therapy

A federal appeals court has put the brakes on a first-of-its-kind California law that bans therapy that aims to turn gay minors straight.

Hundreds of gun owners in San Diego turn in their weapons

Hundreds of people in San Diego County have turned in their firearms to authorities as part of the annual Guns for Gift Cards program.